Judge Dredd vs Zombies

Judge Dredd vs Zombies 1.8

Kill zombies with the law

Judge Dredd vs Zombies is a fast-paced arcade shooter. View full description


  • Fun gameplay
  • Simple controls


  • Can get repetitive


Judge Dredd vs Zombies is a fast-paced arcade shooter.

2000 AD’s Judge Dredd is an iconic comic book character. He has been presented in various forms of media over the years, but Judge Dredd vs Zombies contains the tone and style of the comic in game form.

Featuring a stylized 3D polygonal style, Judge Dredd vs Zombies is the comic book in motion. The environments and character models merge the two worlds together very well.

The gameplay of Judge Dredd vs Zombies is fast paced and requires quick thinking. Controlling Dredd with a directional control touch joystick and fire/reload buttons, players move Dredd through levels killing everything possible. Collecting ammunition for reloading, Judge Dredd vs Zombies also features exploding barrels for larger damage when massive groups of zombies approach.

Judge Dredd vs Zombies is simple in gameplay, but offers power-ups and different weapons that add variety. Even enemy types are different, requiring different tactics. It is not a deep game for content with the main goal to kill every zombie in each level, but it is enjoyable.

Judge Dredd vs Zombies is a fast arcade game that is best in short sessions.


  • All New Arena Mode - Test Dredd to destruction in three electrifying arenas of carnage, I-Block 188, Chem Plant and Sump Clinic. Chase high scores to earn credit rewards. Compete with friends on the new leaderboards.
  • Psi Division - Visit Judge Anderson and make an appointment with future crime.
  • Crime Sweep - Daily rewards for the committed law enforcer.
  • All this plus visual upgrades; new lighting, bigger and better weapon effects and special equipment at bargain prices.
Judge Dredd vs Zombies


Judge Dredd vs Zombies 1.8